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Bump'n Buddy Video

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Bump'n Buddy

What is Bump'n Buddy?

The World's First Interactive Fist Bumping Toy!

What's Unique About It?

Bump'n Buddy stands approximately 9" tall and features 5 unique authentic clips of audio from the player or celebrity.  We can create Bump'n Buddy of your favorite athlete, musician, comic book character,  movie star, politician, or whomever similar to a bobblehead.  The difference is Bump'n Buddy is much more interactive with authentic audio clips and doesn't just sit there like the boring "old" bobblehead!  You'll want to "fist bump" your Bump'n Buddy all day long!  Knuckle Up!

How To Get One?

You can pre-order Joe Bumpy Today! Orders will be filled in Spring 2018.  Shipping is FREE to Continental USA.  

If you are a sports team, corporation, etc and looking to produce 1,000 or more custom Bump'n Buddy's of your player, mascot, person, etc.  just email us at info@bumpnbuddy.com for next steps and pricing information.  Bump it out!  

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Bump N Buddy is Fully Patented & Trademarked

Email us at info@bumpnbuddy.com

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